We will drive to candi Ijo Temple is one of Temple located on the hill. Yogyakarta City is known for its culture and sweet foods. However, tourists can also enjoy other things there including historical sites like temples. Here is the reference. The name is Candi Ijo Temple, and it is located in Sambirejo Village of Prambanan Sub-District. the temple resides on 375 meters above the sea level, and it is considered the tallest in Yogyakarta City. As for the size, the temple is smaller than Prambanan. The environment is clean, though. That area also features a grassy landscape with some trees located below the hill. Once arriving at the site, tourists may see a complex of temples there. The center is in the furthermost in the back. The landscape features terraces and it gets higher backward. That means you should spend some stamina in order to explore all parts of the area. Instead of being a burden, this gives them a trekking opportunity! At the prime temple, tourists may find a chamber that stores the Lingga Yoni Statue, which represents Shiva God. Thus, do not forget to take photos of it later. Another allure is related to the legend. It is said many people came to the temple for a hermitage. Some ancient inscriptions can also be found in that area! Aside from this interesting story, the temple is suitable for sightseeing and relaxation too.

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